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Zumba Mania

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Hey you! Are you in the mood for an arcade game? Zumba deluxe is a fun ball game where you must match at least 3 colored balls to make them disappear. You also must move fast if you want to win. The gameplay and looks are very similar to Zuma Deluxe games and if you played any of them this game will feel right at home. This game has 60 fun levels with varying degrees of difficulty that are just perfect for you to play in your spare time. Use your mouse to interact with the game and make sure your timing is just right when you decide to shoot your ball. That all you need to play this game. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Click play and give it a try!
  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • 60 fun levels to play through
  • Simple to learn controls
  • Perfect for some casual gaming

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