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Yacht Docking Worldwide

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agregado el enero 14, 2014
A new challenge it's available for you out there boat and yacht lovers. Vitalitygames has developed a new parking challenge called Yacht Docking Worldwide games. In Yacht Docking Worldwide your mission is to drive 3 brand new yacht's in 10 different places around the world. When first playing the game you must now the basics like, use arrow keys to steer and drive the bots. Press space to brake your boat and make it slide. Play the first unlocked yacht and park it in 3 intense levels to be able to unlocked new and better ones. Each new bot unlocked it's bigger and more powerful then the previous one. So do your best and drive and park the yacht's in the indicated parking spots without hitting or punching other boats. In the top of the game interface you will see the life and the time, you must pay attention to them. Park fast and save to get a higher score. Do your best in this online bot parking game here on vitalitygames.com and prove you are the perfect man for the job! Remember this game requires lot's of serious driving and patience. Be the best and have fun in our latest Yacht Docking Worldwide games. And if you get bored try our online boat collection with some of the best boats and yachts games. Enjoy!
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