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Vikings Aggression

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Play the latest classic war fighting games online for free on VitalityGames.com. Emerge in to time in the year 1060 AD where the powerful vikings have terrorized the other humans, with their bloody wars. Start playing with a skilled warrior knight send by his clan to infiltrate and kill all the 100 viking from an important fortress.
This fortress where you are send is the key to the strategy of the Vikings. They are making plans to attack your country and subdue the people. Explore a vast and large map with beautiful graphics make yourself unseen. Use the sword and the shield and try to dodge and block the damage from axes, swords and bows. Run, jump and sprint to be able to survive the endless waves of enemies. Swing that sword fast and try to take the fighters one by one to be able win the fights. Enjoy fighting the mighty vikings and improve to be the best and the most skilled warrior. Have fun with this 3D game and enjoy it!
  • One epic fun sword fighting game with Vikings and knights.
  • Large maps with beautiful graphics dating back to the viking age.
  • Smooth controls and nice animations.
  • Kill 100 viking to win the game.
  • Achievements and Leaderboard.
  • Easy and fun to play.
Release Date
October, 2018
Vikings Aggression was developed by Y8
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