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Jugabilidad: Wrath Of The Titans

Sobre el juego

If you liked the movie Wrath of the titans here on vitalitygames we got a game made after the movie. WRATH OF THE TITANS game it's a 3D unity game with easy game play and very good graphics. The game will test you fighting skills to the max. Fight run and destroy all the demons to survive. After successfully defeating the monster Kraken, Perseus is now trying to live quietly in a fishing village and became a single parent for his son. Meanwhile, a struggle between the gods and the Titans. Lulled by the nature of humanity, the gods has lost control of the Titan prisoners and their fierce leader, Kronos – the father of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. So have fun playing online Wrath of the titans game for free here on vitality games and tray all missions to finish the game. Very important destroy barrels,boxes and all thins that bake to collect life and items. Have fun and enjoy free online unity and 3D games here on vitality games.Good luck and have a blast.

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