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Jugabilidad: Winter Rage Blast

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Play online the latest winter action war tank games here on vitalitygames.com. Games like this new Winter Rage Blast and shoot the mighty canon to eliminate threats from your way. Winter Rage Blast it's a new free online shooting game with some nice looking tanks, where your mission is to eliminate each threat in 8 intense frozen levels. Get behind the wheels and drive and unlock tanks, shoot all turrets before they destroy you, don't step on mines they will explode under you. And try to collect ammo and heath bars to keep your tank repair.Drive using the arrow keys. Press W to rise and S to lower the canon. And D key to fire. Your advantage it's the range of the cannon so use it wise . Don't get to close to them shoot to eliminate if you can from far away. So do your best in this new fresh winter shooting challenge and become the best soldier online. Increase your driving skills in becoming the ultimate tank driver online. Good luck and have fun!

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