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Jugabilidad: Vera Towers 2

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Hey you! Are you a fan of archery games? Are you looking for a medieval shooter where you get to defend your tower from waves of invading enemies? If so then Vera Towers 2 is the right game for you! In this fun and challenging 2D shooter game, you are an archer atop of a tower and your task is to defend your lands from the invading enemy. Shoot at the incoming warriors and earn enough money to enroll new troops to aid you in battle. Make sure you also upgrade your archery skills and your troops as well. Be vigilant or you might find yourself overrun by enemies. If that happens you can use some special skills that'll help you regain your position. The gameplay is intense and offers a fair amount of challenge. Do you think you have the necessary skills to protect your lands?
  • Gorgeous 2D graphics
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Upgradable skills
  • Upgradable towers
  • Upgradable troops

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