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Jugabilidad: Space Platform

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Looking for the latest unity 3D shooting games with monster and aliens in space? To have some fun and kill some bad guys. Then here on vitalitygames we give you this new 3D shooting challenge called Space Platform games. use arrow keys to steer and control the player. And mouse to shoot. Shoot on site and kill the endless income of waves. Lt. Alex's space ship is damaged. He has to emergency eject and land on a space platform. Lt. Alex knows that these platforms have some sort of intergalactic portals that can get him to his base. He resides on you to help him find it. Shoot the robots and the fire gun machines. And be the best player online and from this new Space Platform games. Good luck and improve your shooting skills in space to be the best player in the game. Good luck and have fun!

1 player land on space ship shooting shooting games space