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Jugabilidad: Halloween Pumpkin Delivery

Sobre el juego

Halloween it's here so if you like online Halloween racing games here on vitalitygames we got a new exclusive game called Halloween pumpkin delivery. Get behind the wheels of a big and powerful tractor and deliver the indicated numbers of pumpkins at each level to be able to finish safely. Each level has different pumpkin size cargo for you some are light and will jump over your trailer if you go to fast, some are heavier and you can speed up the tractor. On your way, there are very difficult tracks throw the cemetery and old graves and spooky trees. You can hear the wolf howling and it can get spooky but don't get scared just drive safely this green tractor to the finish line. There are 12 intense levels each level it's unique and harder. So deliver stuff with your tractor and try to finish the levels as fast as you can and with the indicated numbers required. If you drive the tractor to fast the trailer's heavyweight will hit you from behind and damage your truck. So try to maintain the distance from them and when the road it's difficult to drive just slow it down and adjust the speed for your tractor and the trailer to be able to complete the mission. Pay attention to the life bar on the top of the screen when you speed up, to make sure you won't damage too much the tractor. At the top of the game interface, there is a timer so you better finish the levels before the time runs out. Have fun here on vitalitygames with free new online exclusive games all day and be the best driver from this new Halloween pumpkin delivery game. As always have a blast and enjoy our exclusive Halloween game specially made for you. Have fun and happy Halloween!

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