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Jugabilidad: Five Nights Story

Sobre el juego

Play online some of the most challenging games here on VitalityGames. In the style of maynkraft somewhere deep beneath the earth swarm mines and set explosives in the game online . A character in the first person is moving independently. The player should take the initiative and take a pickaxe to break through the wall and put the explosives. Remember that the oxygen is running out, and should be periodically replenish its stock with the help of a special device. As soon as an exclamation point, move the unit and pump up the oxygen. But do it quickly, because the stopwatch counts down the remaining seconds before the explosion. And so five consecutive nights. This range reign monsters and struggling to shorten the life of the character. Use the means at hand in the form of a torch, for example, to scare away monsters. Good luck!

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