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Jugabilidad: City Traffic Jam

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City Traffic Jam is one of the craziest game here on www.vitalitygames.com. Our brand new exclusive game will teach you how to use your skills more effective and more productive in your city traffic. You are responsabile for the traffic you bump into. Vehicles approach the crossroad from all directions and you can speed them to the other side. With the help of your mouse you can click on every car to move forward or go slower in order to win some money and to avoid crashes. For every vehicle that makes it to the other side, you score a point. If there's a crash, the game ends. Be careful how you manage the traffic because people need to go to school, work and important meetings, and you have to drive them safe and sound in every situation. Good luck and share our game "City Traffic Jam" with your friends and see which one can score better. Have fun!

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