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Jugabilidad: Black Sun

Sobre el juego

Loooking for a new war and shooting games with spaceships to play online for free and have fun! Then here on vitalitygames we give you this new challenge called Black Sun games. The game it's developed by Miniclip and your mission is to drive a cool flying spaceship and defend the galaxy from thousands of enemy ships and asteroids controlled by the aliens. They want to destroy all planets in this Great Space War. So use your skills as a pilot load your weapons and try to destroy as many enemies and asteroids as you can. Steer your fast war ship using the W,A,S,D and use mouse to aim and shoot. Collect health pack to keep your life bar high and don't die! Make maneuvers and avoid the incoming bombs and rackets and at the same time shoot the other ships. If you think you can handle the thousands of enemy ships and asteroids then give it a try here on vitalitygames. Have fun here on Vitality Games with this new challenge called Black Sun games and be the best pilot in the game. Good luck and have fun!

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