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Truck Loader 5

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Looking for the best truck puzzle and cargo loading games online? Here is released last game called Truck Loader 5. You can play Truck Loader 2, Truck Loader 3 and Truck Loader 4 for free on vitalitygames.com.
Like in the previous version of the Truck Loaders the offers a new truck cargo loading adventure. Your goal is to load boxes into a truck in a certain order.
Use your skills and your brain and press A, D to move, W or SPACE to jump and mouse to activate the magnet. There are many levels to satisfy your thirst and make your brain work.
As always have fun online and become the best player from this new Truck Loader 5 game. Good luck!
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Release Date
January, 2020
Truck Loader 5 was developed by Flazm
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