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The Chopper Assault Battle For Earth

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agregado el enero 25, 2017
Save the Earth from an alien invasion with your super-helicopter. Buy upgrades with the alien mineral you gather by killing them.show less
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Some aliens have invaded planet earth and the only way you have to face them is by helicopter! Scroll sideways and shoot all kinds of missiles to defend yourself. Fight the aliens that are trying to invade our world using an upgradable battle chopper in Chopper Assault: Battle for Earth. Help the army stop the alien invasion before it's too late in this action-packed shooting game.In Chopper Assault: Battle for Earth, you will take control of an advanced chopper and maneuver it to avoid the enemies' weapon projectiles as they try to attack your vehicle. Aim your sight to hit them with your Gatling gun. Enemies may spawn in the air or on the ground. Gather crystals by killing enemies or completing the round for the first time. Use the crystals collected to upgrade your chopper and adding various weapons like A/A missiles and A/G missiles that automatically seeks their target. Good luck!
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