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Super Robot War

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Super Robot War it's a cool fighting Miniclip robot war game. The game offers 3D gameplay and graphics features. So are you up for a new challenge? Prove your fighting skills here on Vitalitygames, and master your fighting techniques on this cool robot game. Select your player to choose a robot man or a woman and start fighting evil robots and big bosses at some amazing levels. To control your robot use W, A, S, D to move. J to attack. K to jump. L to special attack. SPACE to transform. Have fun here on vitality games with this new Miniclip war robot challenge and be the best robot there. Have fun fighting and shooting bad guys and make the world a safer place. Good luck with your mission and have fun with this game and many try other similar 3D robot games here on Vitalitygames.com!
Release Date
July, 2013
Super Robot War was developed by Miniclip
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