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Steam Train Challenge

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If you like classic steam train with heavy cargo and, you are looking for the perfect challenge online! To feel, drive and to see how old train handles in high speeds, then you're in luck here on vitalitygames.com we got the new exclusive game called Steam Train Challenge games. Play online Steam Train Challenge games here on vitalitygames and have the best time playing free online cargo train games. The game offers 10 intense levels in witch you are tested with patience and where speed it's not the right way to finish all levels. On your way in each level adjust your speed to be able to safely pass all the obstacles. Use arrow keys to drive and space bar to release the cargo into the trailersDon't speed up touch and try to balance your boxes and barrels in the trailer to keep them from falling out. Pay attention to the life and time and try to finish each mission and each level as fast as possible, to get a higher score. So have fun and enjoy high quality train game all day here on vitalitygames.com and become the best train driver online from this new exclusive Steam Train Challenge games!Good luck!

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  •  Use arrow keys to drive.Space to release the cargo in the containers.

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