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Spider-Man: Hazards At Horizon High

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Our epic ordinary boy Peter Parker who has been let down so many times in his life, losing his parents and been raised by the grandparents and bullied in school for been an nerd all his life...his life changes when a radioactive spider bites his arm in the experiment room and transforms him in a superhuman with abilities and agility of a spider. Taking the name of Spider-Man now he fights the bad guys and evil superheroes and searching for the villain that killed his uncle Ben!
In our online adventure, Peter fights in a new episode from the game called Spider-Man: Hazards at Horizon High... In Spider-Man: Hazards at Horizon High you must help spider man fight and set traps for the bad villain Doctor Oc who is trying to steal from the university the Chromium technology..;)) Use your brain and collect stuff from the environment everything that can help you and set traps and try to stop the bad guys from reaching the Chromium technology. While you can trap bad guys you can fight at the same time but you risk losing your life because they have guns ... is easier to set a trap and wait or just watch them kill himself! Time is very important so try to work as fast as possible and without been seen! Make sure your inventory is always full so you can set traps and replace the old one use! Enjoy this fun avenger super-hero game and fight the bad guys in becoming the best superhero making the people love you.
  • Fun epic game with very addicting gameplay
  • Nice puzzle and logic trap you have to do in the shortest time
  • Good graphics and decent controls
  • Use various combos and techniques to fight bad guys
  • Fight different types of bad guys with weapons and shields
Release Date
February, 2018
Spider-Man: Hazards at Horizon High was developed by Marvel
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