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Soap: Bubbles Vs Microbes

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Around us, there are billions of microorganisms that live and thrive, but not all of them are friendly. Some of the less friendly is the microbes and you must beware of them. Soap: Bubbles vs Microbes is a 2D bubble game that teaches you to do just that. There'll be plenty of microbes coming down your screen and you'll have to keep making soap bubbles and catch them all before they reach you. You can play this soap game whenever you have some spare time on your hands and see how far can you get. What do you think? Can you stop the microbes from reaching you?
  • Clean art style and 2D graphics
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Fun gameplay
Release Date
February, 2020
Soap: Bubbles vs Microbes was developed by Kirill Live
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