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Sniper Team 2

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Have you ever played the Sniper team online? And for free? If you enjoyed so much Sniper team games, and you are looking to play more and more. Then fulfilling all missions and learning to handle different kinds of situations. You have to learn how to shoot with sniper guns and manage to use what your team got to finish and rescue the hostages. Then now we have good news for you Addicting Games has released a second version of the online shooting game Sniper team. And it's called Sniper team 2 games. In Sniper team 2 you will play like in the first Sniper team games with your team. You will have to secure and eliminate the site you were assigned of all threats, which means to kill on site all terrorists and rescue all civilians and hostages. Your team it's formed from 4 people specially selected from you to qualify in this situation. Each soldier is specialized with some kind of weapons. So place them to be able to use their shooting skills without having to risk their lives. You can play and select your player uses a closer combat soldier with guns that have a bigger range of fire. Play as a sniper man and eliminate the terrorists from a safe distance. Start with the first Mission called Pinned Down. Use the mouse to navigate around and shoot.
Use E to get air support. And for a perfect aiming use space to zoom in on your enemies. So have fun here on Vitalitygames.com with bought game Sniper team and Sniper team 2 and fulfilling all mission to be able to finish the game. be the best shooter and commander online from this new Sniper team 2 games. And have an amazing time online here with our vast online collection of 3D shooting and sniper games. Good luck and have fun!
Release Date
February, 2014
Sniper team 2 was developed by Addicting games
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