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Slenderman Must Die In The Forest

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Most would agree with the fact that Slendermen must die. His unexpected appearances scared too many and seeing him never bode well. And it is in the forest, where most Slendermen watched for his victims, he must say goodbye to life.Take the gun, ammo and start revenge, cool and thoughtful. The study area also find ammunition and weapons, as well as favorite 8 notes. But Slender is not so stupid as not suspicious. What surprise he did prepared? Learn the game progresses.Play any type of Game at vitalitygames.com. The biggest Game Collection to play free online. Flash, Unity 3D, Html5, Android, Java and Shockwave.

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  •  WASD - movement, Shift - run, Space - jump, mouse - fire / review

ammo die forest revenge shoot slenderman unity weapon

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