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Slender Man Must Die: Survivors

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Are you ready for a Slender Man game that'll push your survival skills to the limit? Slender Man Must Die: Survivors is a horror game fit for the brave. In this game, you'll find yourself wandering around an abandoned place. It's quiet at first but you'll soon find out you're not alone. If you don't pay attention you'll find yourself surrounded by zombies and monsters, including the Slender Man. Use your gun to keep them at bay and even kill them but be careful, you'll run out of bullets. When that happens it's time for melee. Use your machete to fend off the monsters and survive for as long as possible. If scary games are your thing and you're in for some scary gaming then Slender Man Must Die: Survivors is what you're looking for!
  • 3D graphics
  • Scarry mood and atmosphere
  • Survival style gameplay
  • Perfect for some chilling game sessions
Release Date
November, 2020
Slender Man Must Die: Survivors was developed by gamasexual
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