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Sky Chaser

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Sky Chaser is a new fun pixel game from poki games! Click to play now online Sky Chaser on vitalitygames.com. Check out this cool new airplane jetpack adventure game available online and on your mobile. Glide through the dangerous valleys and awesome forests and collect coins on your way. The coins act as your fuel that can be unloaded once you land on a robotic pad and deposit all the collected coins.
Be careful as you can trip on all sorts of obstacles like thorny vines spiders and other perils of the forest. If this happens then you will lose some fuel and coins will drop on the floor. Don't worry you can collect those coins back if you pilot your plane correctly and you can then move on.
For more cool airplane piloting makes make sure to check our other games available exclusively here on www.vitalitygames.com.
Sky Chaser was developed by Poki
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