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Safe Haven

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Play the best Apocalyptic pixel survival futuristic games online on Vitalitygames.com. Click to play this fun and interesting game with a nice story that takes place in the year 2050..

The game is called Safe Haven and is a fun RPG game where you will be transported in to the future when the world government declared all the forests on earth as a forgotten area without any further information to the public and the media. An alien species of bugs have colonized the forests and is not safe...any more. You will play with our hero Jack who is determined to find out what is going on in the forest!! The most species of mutant alien insects are active in the dark when is the most dangerous to be in the forest. And you must fight them with guns and weapons to survive and cross the forest area. Collect useful items in the house, make tools, weapons, grow flowers, kill mutated insects and try to stay alive until the army comes to rescue you. Enjoy this fun epic quest RPG game called Safe Haven and have fun online for free on VitalityGames.com..

Release Date
March 2018
Safe Haven is developed by Goody Game Works!
  • Awesome pixel survival alien game with a lot of stuff to do...
  • Epic story fun to follow in the game..
  • Earn gold from killing mutant bugs.. that can be used for upgrades
  • Easy controls and captivating game.

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