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Robot Blitz

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Looking for the latest action addiction robot games? To play online for free and have fun? Then here on vitalitygames we have a special unity 3D skill survival game called robot blitz.Robot Blitz it's new fun and addicting game that will make you play it for ever, and it's quite challenging. So use your arrow keys and collect all the metal scraps to complete the levels and do it fast. Each second counts the base in the middle of the map release some robots they look so funny that will chase you all over the map and kill you if the catch you. You have some help in the corners of the map there some kind of a energy if you go in to it with your robot it will release a shockwave that will slow down all robots and even kill them. So have fun online here on vitalitygames with new skill robots games like this Robot Blitz games and be the best robot in the game. There a lots of levels to keep you playing the game for a long time. Have fun online with some of the best unity 3D games online here on vitalitygames. Good luck !

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  •  Move/escape

Use arrow keys.

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