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Pyme's Genocide

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agregado el diciembre 12, 2018
Enjoy an adventure with our little hero girl Pyme that is stranded in a undiscovered planet full of mysterious creature. Retrieve parts for her ship.
  • Shooting
    Absorbing Monsters
Play the latest space explorer adventure games online for free like this new Pyme's Genocide game only on VitalityGames.com. Enter in a colorful world filled with vibrant colors and robots, space ships our little girl hero Pyme and hundreds of cute monsters. Pyme was looking for a new adventure when suddenly her spaceship has malfunctioned. Trying to save her ship not to get destroyed she managed to lang on a strange and undiscovered planet full of mysterious creature.
Now she is forced in a dangerous mission to search for the missing pieces to be able to repair her ship and leave this planet. Along with her special jetpack named Baku she will travel over hills, mountains, high hurdles and trampolines. To be able to jump over the tallest rocks you need to absorb those creature and turn by the special special hoover in fuel. The full will help the jetpack lift you in to the air for a limited time. So make sure you collect as many small and cute monsters they will still love you because they are cute. Fly to the top of the mountains and explore the surroundings to be able to absorb the yellow crystals. Some of the part you require are locked with a force field of energy and the only way to to cancel the energy field is to destroy the energy source that is in the four yellow crystals. Remember if you fall from the cliffs you will die and get revived near the ship. You progress will be lost and you have to restart the game ;)).
Enjoy this epic fun adventure game for girls and have fun finding the four pieces in order to repair your spaceship and leave the planet. Or it is up to you can always stay with all the lovely monsters that inhabit that world. If you have any problems with the game make sure you check the walkthrough of the game or visit itch.io for more information. If you enjoy adventure space games you may also like: Cave FRVR and Desert Worms. Good luck!

Release Date
December 12.2018
Web browser, Windows, Linux, MacOS
Developer (The team )
Pyme's Genocide is developed by
Jaime Muela, Alvaro Lopez and Adrian Guevara.
Hermes Escriva and Paz Gomez.
Juan Novella and Alberto Trigueros.

  • A new fun 3D adventure girl game with addicting and captivating game-play.
  • Nice and simple 3D looking graphics with vibrant colors.
  • Collect the 4 pieces to repair the spaceship and finish the game.
  • East the cute monsters to have fuel for the jatpack.
  • Funny and cute looking monsters that will still love you although you eat them ;))
  • Difficult obstacles to overcome like moving platforms and trampoline.
  • Absorb the 4 gold crystals to unlock the force field and collect the parts for the ship.
  • Nice physics, sounds and animations.

More Information About Pyme's Genocide

Is one of the best 3D girl adventure games found on the internet with addicting and captivating game-play. Pyme's Genocide can be played online for free on VitalityGames.com. And is developed with WebGL technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed Pyme's Genocide game you may also like: Rabbit Samurai and Alien Planet. God luck and have fun!

Este juego Pyme's Genocide se puede jugar directamente en tu navegador, de forma gratuita. A este juego han jugado 9.7k veces y ha recibido una puntuación de 4.52 / 5 por 42 personas. y fue desarrollado con tecnología WEBGL para funcionar rápidamente en la mayoría de navegadores. Para tener una experiencia más agradable, este juego también se puede jugar en modo de pantalla completa. Si disfrutas de este juego de Pyme's Genocide , asegúrate de ver nuestros otros juegos emocionantes.