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Ninja Rabbit

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Hey you! Do you like to play ninja games? If so then here at VitalityGames.com you can play a fun arcade game that'll test your mastery in the ninja arts. In Ninja Rabbit you take control of a rabbit that's also a ninja and your only way of navigating the levels is a kunai with chain that you'll be aiming and throwing around Spider-Man style. But you're not swinging around just for the fun of it, you also have to save other ninjas that have been imprisoned, so make sure you search and find them all through each level. While you're on this rescue mission try to collect as many carrots as you can and if you're really good at exploring you should look for the hidden diamond that's hidden in each level. This game will test your hand-eye coordination and speed and can get tricky at times but be assured that at the end of Ninja Rabbit you'll have better-aiming skills and improved speed. If you're into arcade gaming and like casual games or you just like gaming for free make sure you don't miss out on this adventure!
  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Challenging levels and gameplay
  • Tons of fun to play
  • Easy to learn controls
Release Date
October, 2020
Ninja Rabbit was developed by MadBuffer
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