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Monstertruck Superhero 2

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agregado el septiembre 23, 2016
Use your skills and prove yourself in this new driving game "Monstertruck Superhero 2". Let's see who is a better driver. Good luck!
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Monstertruck Superhero 2 is now available here on www.vitalitygames.com. Are you a driver and you want to get out from this routine? We present you this new driving game in which you can break free and make all kinds of tricks you want as long as you lang in 4 wheels. You have a bunch of levels here and difficult ones even, that you have to go through. Along the way you will find complicated ramps that you are forced to cross no matter what. Driving such a big and strong engine like a monster truck isn't for a beginner driver, it's for the stronger ones. Which one are you? You think you have the adrenaline and the eagerness that you must have? Prove us in this second version of Monstertruck Superhero and share it with your friends. Good luck and have a great race!
Este juego Monstertruck Superhero 2 se puede jugar directamente en tu navegador, de forma gratuita. A este juego han jugado 13.1k veces y ha recibido una puntuación de 3.89 / 5 por 18 personas. y fue desarrollado con tecnología SWF para funcionar rápidamente en la mayoría de navegadores. Si disfrutas de este juego de Monstertruck Superhero 2 , asegúrate de ver nuestros otros juegos emocionantes.