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Mini Golf: Jurassic

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Play the latest 3D golf animal games online for free on Vitalitygames.com. Click to play now this epic fun mobile game called Mini Golf: Jurassic.
Mini Golf: Jurassic is a epic crazy game that involves dinosaurs and the jurassic world. The game will not restrict you in any way even by the physics or cost. You can make the dinosaurs come to life, have them walking around the silly putt course and even have them interact with objects and the balls without having to have a crazy animatronics budget.
The Mini Golf: Jurassic game has 2 modes like Classic and Challenge mode. In Classic the game mode gives you unlimited time and an unlimited number of shots. The golf holes do have a 'par' but that's just a guide and the levels can't be failed.
And in Challenge the game mode is for players who enjoy more of a challenge, rather than just getting the fun from playing. You have a set number of shots for each mini golf hole and it's game over, if you can't finish the course in that set number of shots.
Test yourself and have fun with 50 levels in each mode...adding the modes to 100 levels total. Enjoy have fun playing sport games online and have fun with this epic golf game..;)).
Release Date
February 24, 2018 update on mobile version and the online version live.
Mini Golf: Jurassic is developed by Bit of Game.
  • One of the best 3D side scrolling golf game online and on mobile.
  • A lot of tasks to do, obstacles to overtake.
  • Epic game with dinosaurs and the jurassic world theme.
  • 50 levels in Classic mode and 50 levels in Challenge mode.
  • Easy controls and fun to play.

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