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Madness On 4 Wheels

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"Madness On 4 Wheels" is here! For sure you want to drive while outside is sleeting, right? Now it is your chance. BrightestGames just released a winter driving game with trucks where your goal is to get to the finish line in one piece. Be careful because there are obstacles on your way such as holes and boxes. Try to jump over them. To do that you will need nitro. Press Space for using it. Buy nitro each level to be able to jump. Collect money for upgrade. Better wheels and powerful engines will make you speed up and jump easy throw the large holes. Prove your driving skills in 10 levels here at www.vitalitygames.com. Have fun with winter truck racing games and be the best driver from this new Heavy Wheels on Snow games.

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  •  Pres space to use nitro.Arrow keys to drive and balance your truck.

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