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Just Park It 5

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Hello, all you passionate about heavy driving and parking games. Vitalitygames.com has released a new 18 wheeler games online called Just park it 5 games. With an 18 wheeler and a rusty long trailer. Use arrow keys to balance and drive the truck and trailer. Press space to use the handbrake and slow it down.
The game offers 10 levels and each level has 3 parking spots that mean 30 hard parking spots for you to enjoy. While playing the game keep a close look at the top of the game interface at the time and life. The faster you park and the more life you have you will get more points and a higher score.
Do your best and test and improve your driving skills in some of the hardest trailer parking games online. Always follow the arrow to the parking spot. And try to avoid the bad park cars, that will block you and make you die some times. Prove to be the best driver in this new Just park it 5 games from vitality games. And good luck with all the levels from this fun 18 wheeler truck game you will need it. Have fun!
Release Date
April, 2014
Just Park It 5 was developed by VitalityGames
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