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IRO: Puzzle Game

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Play the latest puzzle and logic games and even fun brain-teasing game online for free only on Vitalitygames.com. Click to play now this epic fun color matching 3 game called IRO: Puzzle Game.
In IRO: Puzzle Game you must use your brain and match at least three like-colored slots in order to make them disappear and increase your total points so that you can clear each level with 3 stars. Each tile on this 3x3 board has 3 slots where you can place color bands to solve each puzzle. If you manage to complete a full row, your combos will start adding to your score. You can match color slots in rows, columns or diagonally, but also on the same tile. There are a lot of levels to help you improve or train your brain more specific like a hundred and fifty different levels of difficulty..;)) Come up with a nice strategy and think always in advance before you make your move a single mistake may end up in game over. Enjoy the most fun and free online puzzle games and thinking games for all ages online only on vitalitygames.com and have fun in the game!
Release Date
April 12, 2018
IRO: Puzzle Game is developed by Minijuegos.com
  • Fun minimalist brain and puzzle game.
  • Relaxing music and fun to play.
  • Combine or match colors to make colors disappear and win the level.
  • This is a mini online version of the mobile apps limited levels.
  • As you progress the difficulty is increased making the game very hard.

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