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Humans Vs Undead

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Have you ever dream of been the human's last savior? Then here on Vitalitygames.com we have prepared a new fun 3D strategy battle game called Humans vs Undead. Take the role of the leader, captain whatever you want to call it the man who commands all the troops ;))
Use the mouse to navigate around the Undead military camp and see the army you will face. Count the troop's numbers they have and see what type of soldiers they have and what you have to counter their attacks and win the fights. In each level, you will get a limited amount of gold that you can purchase soldiers. After each win, you will earn more and more gold and can spend gold in more powerful troops. Try to combine the troops from the horses, with the ground troops the archers and wizards. The most expensive soldiers are the most efficient so make sure you won't buy the cheap one you will lose the battle.
Learn the enemy types of soldiers and choose each soldier that has specific strengths and weaknesses that could turn the tide of the battle for you. Have fun with this 3D game and train your brain to come with the most fun strategies and win the war for the human race. Enjoy this epic fun war simulator game on VitalityGames and good luck!
  • A fun 3D game that simulates war between the Humans and the Undead race..
  • The game offers 36 levels each level represents one battle.
  • You can choose from 12 types of units in each fight.
  • Enjoy the 3 beautiful environments available in the game.
  • Choose your strategy and unit formations.
  • Easy and fun to play.
Release Date
September, 2018
Humans vs Undead was developed by FreezeNova
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  •  Move The Camera.
     Hold To Rotate Camera
     Select And Place Units On The Ground

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