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Horrorific: Basement

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Play online some of the most intense puzzle and escape games here on VitalityGames. It was in the Philippines in the quest online . Instead of enjoying the beauty of the city, the hero of the game comes down to the basement of the hotel, where he began his adventure. The game is the first person, which will reveal the secret of the hotel owner. In the hands there is a flashlight that periodically shuts down. Be patient and work your way safely through the dark and gloomy basement corridor. In the process we find interesting things, exposing the owner of hotels in deeds. And to open the doors have to logically think and look for clues. Turn on the sound louder, or put on your headphones for a better perception of the game in the style of horror. Good luck!

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  •  WASD - movement, E - action Mouse / coatings - Review / Flashlight

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