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Head Hunter Reborn

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Looking for the best and the newest shooting and sniper games online? Try this game game from y8.com called Head Hunter Reborn games, here on vtialitygames.com.Head Hunter Reborn it is a fun and challenging action pack sniper game with a large variety of contracted kills within the criminal underworld. You are a skilled hitman and must take out various targets such as Tulkin Bamidbekov who is illegally dumping radioactive waste. Using your high caliber sniper rifle you must aim carefully and take out each target.After dispatching your victim, you must then use your grappling hook to enter the scene and leave your trademark HH or take your reward. You can take contracted kills on various different locations such as Majorca and must time your shots carefully to avoid obstacles or alerting guards. Your ammunition is limited and you only have a certain amount of time to complete each mission so choose your shots wisely! Be the best player online from this new Head Hunter Reborn games!

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  •  To Scope-up
     Left Click To Shoot/aim

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