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Happy Snakes

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Enjoy the latest .io snake games online for free and try this new multiplayer battle ground arena game called Happy Snakes. Like in all snake games the goal of the game is to grow as fast as you can and become the ultimate anaconda while trying to dominate the ground area. To get big fast you need to eat the different colored glowing bubbles just like in the Wormax.io and Slither.io games. The funny looking face smiles snakes is pretty neat and creates addiction along with the epic game-play.
Use the right click to make the snake sprint and escape any unwanted battle with a larger snake. Collect lighting to boost your speed for a short period, shield to escape incoming damage and magnet to collect the glowing circles faster. What's interesting is that your size does not matter and a small snake can kill a big snake if you hit them side ways. Enjoy this fun multiplayer snake games and compete with thousand of players all around the world for dominance and supremacy. If you enjoy this game
Release Date
November, 2018
Web browser ( desktop and mobile).
OrangeGames has developed Happy Snakes game.

  • A new snake multiplayer action pack survival game.
  • Compete with thousand of players all around the world for dominance and supremacy.
  • You can choose the size of the map to small, medium and large.
  • You can choose to customize for free your snake color and skins.
  • Collect lighting for speed, shield to escape any damage and magnet to collect faster.
  • Smooth controls and nice animations.
  • Cool mini-map where you can see the other players locations on the map.
  • Easy and fun to play.
More Information About Happy Snakes
It's an entertaining, funny and ridiculous snake game with captivating game-play that you can play for free online on VitalityGames.com. And it's developed with HTML5 technology allowing to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this game and want to play more similar game try this: Worms Zone and Little Big Snake.io games.
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