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Halloween Werewolf Escape

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agregado el octubre 19, 2016
Scary times are ready to come with this new Halloween day. Check out this new game "Halloween Werewolf Escape" and drive as fast as you can!
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Welcome to this land where strange things happen at a blink of an eye. Our new exclusive game 'Halloween Werewolf Escape" from www.vitalitygames.com will test your ability to drive this carriage filled with a hole army of frowned pumpkins to the final destination. A massive horrifying wolf is right behind you if you are not careful enough and drive as fast as you can, you will be the next victim. Once with this Halloween holiday, many bad things have happened along the way. Many murders remained unsolved, often children went missing and they said animal attacks killed random people or premeditated killings took place in all kinds of weird places. Watch out for the beast that is right an inch beside you and try to stay safe. With the help of the arrow keys you will drive proper your carriage. Good luck and not give up! You are not something a wolf can crunch!
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