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Gang Wars

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agregado el octubre 18, 2013
Gang Wars it's a new action driving game like the famous sim city games. Find the opposite gang members and shoot them down before they take you out
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Gang Wars it's a new flash action driving game you can play it for free on vitalitygames. Two gangs are at war and you have to represent one of them and win it for the entire team. You will have to find the opposite gang members and shoot them down before they take you out. Use your Enter key to get into the car, the arrow keys to move, your space bar to brake and your X key to shoot. You can only shoot when you are a pedestrian. The enemies will shoot back and your health is limited, so be very careful. Also try not to wreck your car while driving it because that can cause you some damage also. You will have to complete your mission before the time runs out in order to win the level. In the bottom left corner of the screen you will be able to see your health bar and your timer. Read the messages you get during the level because they can contain hints about the location of your enemies. They will only come after you when they see you, so use your extended view in this game to your advantage. There are eight intense levels available for you to enjoy. Have a great time playing this awesome game!
Este juego Gang Wars se puede jugar directamente en tu navegador, de forma gratuita. A este juego han jugado 8.4k veces y tiene un comienzo prometedor. y fue desarrollado con tecnología SWF para funcionar rápidamente en la mayoría de navegadores. Si disfrutas de este juego de Gang Wars , asegúrate de ver nuestros otros juegos emocionantes.