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Galaxy Defense

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Hey you! Do you like to play space games? If so then here at VitalityGames.com you can play an awesome 2D arcade game that takes place in outer space. In this game, you fly a spaceship through the galaxy. But the zone that you're crossing is dangerous, you'll have a lot of asteroids coming your way. But you're not defenseless, you have a special kind of shield rotating around you that can protect you, and it's under your control. Use your mouse left-click to change the direction in which your shield is spinning and use it to destroy the asteroids that would collide with you. Be careful, it seems easy at first but it can get tricky later on. Are you ready to venture yourself out there?
  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Easy to learn and fun to play
Release Date
September, 2020
Galaxy Defense was developed by Yup7.com
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