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Extreme Dirt Bike

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agregado el julio 08, 2014
If you are a big fan of free online bike and dirt bike driving games. And even 3d unity bike games.
  • Use arrow keys to drive.Space to jump.
If you are a big fan of free online bike and dirt bike driving games. And even 3d unity bike games. And you are looking for something special something to make you work for it. Then try this new intense free online motocross challenge called Extreme Dirt Bike games. Extreme Dirt Bike game it's a new fresh an fun exclusive game from vitalitygames.com.You can play the dirt bike game for free online on vitalitygames.com. Along with some of the best free online bike games. Use arrow keys to drive and balance the bike and press space bar to slow it down. There are 10 intense levels where you are tested with your patience and skills to the max. Try to avoid the moving obstacles that are in your way! When you are on top of the obstacles you can easily overturn and fall on your back. If you will get hit in the head you will die, and must restart the level again. Speed up on the ramps and do some amazing tricks, starting with front and back flips.And have fun jumping high in the air. Prepare yourself and land safe on your wheels, and try to make it to the finish line in all 10 intense challenging levels.Become the ultimate driver online and the skilled from this new Extreme Dirt Bike games. And have the best time online. Also try others similar 3D unity bike racing games here on vitalitygames.Good luck and have fun!
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