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Epic Very Hard Zombie Shooter

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Play the latest survival zombie html5 games online for free like this new Epic Very Hard Zombie Shooter games on Vitalitygames.com

Feel the rush and the adrenaline pumping in this fun retro pixel shooting game. Where you take control of a pixel hero that looks like the epic rambo guy which nobody can beat him. And master your reflex skills and perfect your aim to shoot and eliminate flying monster and human eating zombies..;)) The trick enemies are the skeletons because they can get closer to you fast..make sure you jump and move fast and don't die. Have fun and collect different weapons, gold coins, escape from the rising lava and try to stay for as long as possible. Fight as much as possible in the higher ground. Grenade will help make a lot of damage so make sure to take them. Good luck an have fun!
Release Date
Feb 11, 2018
Epic Very Hard Zombie Shooter is developed by PAFE86 along with one more game called Drop
  • Smooth control.
  • A lost of guns and grenades to help you.
  • Increasing number of enemies making the game epic
  • Challenging

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