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Drillboid 3D

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Drillboid 3D its a new action skill robot game. Looking online for some mystery and and adventure robot games? Now you can do that in this new amazing free online Unity 3D game that will keep you in a permanent move. You are the proud owner of a powerful robot that has the ability to fly, to drill and to shoot targets. He can perform a wide variety of tasks. Your mission is to guide this intelligent robot in extremely dangerous situations and attack mysterious creatures from this strange planet where you arrived with your spaceship. So act fast when you travel through caves, shoot the enemies and do everything you can to defend your drillboid. Have a lot of fun playing this mysterious Unity 3D free online game.

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  •   Use the arrow keys to move and Space to jump. If you want to jump higher, use nitro by holding the Spacebar. Use A to turn into a ball, D to drill and S to shoot.

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