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Draw Attack

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agregado el junio 01, 2021
Draw Attack is a fun drawing game online where you have to draw lines of soldiers to fight the incoming enemy army!
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Do you like to play drawing games? How about a game where your drawing can save an entire kingdom? Draw Attack is a free game that lets you do just that! In this fun casual game, you can summon soldiers to your side of the field by simply selecting the type of soldier you want and then using your mouse, drawing a line that resembles the formation you want your soldiers to be in. You can summon 5 types of warriors: Foot Soldier, Archer, Spearman, Mage, and if things get really difficult, Giant. Each one of these warriors come with their own advantages and strategies you can use. For example, position your archers behind the soldiers' lines. They'll do tons of damage from there while being protected by the rows of soldiers or spearmen that are in front of them. As you draw your lines of soldiers, your ink will deplete, but it will refill slowly as you play, so make sure to keep an eye on that. Are you ready for this battle? Do you think you have what it takes to defeat the incoming armies? Click play and let's find out!
  • 3D graphics
  • Interesting and unique gameplay
  • Easy to learn controls
Fecha de lanzamiento
mayo 2021
Draw Attack fue desarrollado por Yizhiyuan Network Technology
Calificación de Contenido
Este juego Draw Attack se puede jugar directamente en tu navegador, de forma gratuita. A este juego han jugado 2.8k veces y ha recibido una puntuación de 3.91 / 5 por 22 personas. Este increíble juego fue creado por Yizhiyuan Network Technology y fue desarrollado con tecnología HTML5 para funcionar rápidamente en la mayoría de navegadores. Para tener una experiencia más agradable, este juego también se puede jugar en modo de pantalla completa. Si disfrutas de este juego de Draw Attack , asegúrate de ver nuestros otros juegos emocionantes.