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Desert Worms

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Enjoy the latest 3D worm games online like this epic fun Desert Worms for free only on VitalityGames.com. As the human race has evolved so does our technology. The Earth is overpopulated so they tried to colonize the Mars. And they succeeded and everything went fine until the giant desert worms have awoken.
The research colonies that gather information about the Mars begone to be devastated and destroyed by the bloodthirsty worms. And here will start your mission you are one of few specialized off-road drives that have accumulated experience on the Mars land. You must use your skills and drive to collect the remaining research data and avoid being eaten by the giant worms. Be smart while you race across the dusty planet and seek temporary refuge on cliffs and buildings from the vicious monsters. The only way the sandworms can kill you is if you are on the sand.
Collect the data! Escape the worms! As the last person left on this deserted planet and have a blast online! If you enjoy this game you my also try other similar escape games like Let's Worm Online, Death Worm Game, Earthworm Jim run. Good luck and have fun!
Release Date
First released on Android in November 2016, and now in November 2018 the WebGL version.
Web browser and Android.
  • A nice 3D truck driving game with beautiful graphics and Mars theme.
  • Aggressive, scary and unpredictable worm AI.
  • 20 challenging levels filled with obstacles and deadly worms.
  • Speed boosters and decoys to help in the wormiest moments.
  • Fun effects, car physics and automatic drifting.
  • Multiple cars unlocked throughout the wormy campaign.
  • Easy and fun to play.
Desert Worms was developed by DEVM Games
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  •  Steer.
     Boost The Speed.
     Activate Decoy If Charged

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