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Dead Paradise 3

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Dead Paradise is a new free online shooting action-apocalyptic new games. If you are a fan of new zombie games and apocalyptic movies, where everyone fights for itself to survive, then here on vitalitygames.com we got the perfect new action game for you think you can survive till the end? Then prove it! Race and shoot your way through a bomb-ravaged city in this post-apocalyptic side-scrolling driving game.
Collect repair kits, fuel, donuts, and skulls as you try to reach the next service station. Your vehicle has a weapon, which will automatically fire at enemy vehicles that get in your way. You also have rockets, but these are limited. You can upgrade your vehicle in the garage if you have enough money and skulls. Collect as much money to be able to upgrade your truck, get help from other persons and don't overturn your vehicle.
Pay attention to your interface game it will alert you about ammunition, and other things from the game like life bar, fuel, damage and many more. Have fun and have a blast, make it to the finish! Good luck!
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