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Creators Of The Lost Age

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Creators of the Lost Age is now online on www.vitalitygames.com. Before the game, press LOW for easy management. Feel like you're in a Creator 3D online game. Turn imagination and guided by your imagination, create your world. Pressing Tab (hold) opens the inventory, choose Mouse figures, key E + the induced cursor on an object will allow him to make action. And build whatever comes to mind. Maybe it will be just a house on the lake. Or an entire castle will tower above the canopy of the dense fir trees. Let the ball swim across the lake, or play football, and can arrange jumping through rings? Create your own world with its own rules and have fun with all the heart the game online with great graphics and music.

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  •  WASD - motion, Tab - equipment, E - action, Space - jump, Shift - Run

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