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Crazy Gravity Space

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Do you enjoy a good platformer game? Do you also like space games? If so then today here at our website we have a game that combines the two and gives you a unique game with interesting gameplay and level design that you'll like. Crazy Gravity Space lets you play through some really clever made levels that not only are fun to play though but also will have you scratching your head once in a while. You'll have to use your brain to overcome some environment puzzles and use the unique game mechanics to your advantage to overcome the obstacles and traps you'll encounter in your way. This casual game will have you hooked with it's colorful and stylish 2D graphics and it's fun and unique gameplay that makes every level a challenge that's worth taking. Do you think you can beat this game on your first try?
  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Easy and fun to play
  • Good brain teaser at times
  • 15 awesome levels
Release Date
November, 2020
Crazy Gravity Space was developed by Fun Best Games
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