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Cards Keeper

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If you are a big fun of card turn based battle games like the famous Hardstone and the classic and most played Magic the Gathering Cards. Then here on Vitalitygames.com we present you with this similar brand new adventure game where your aim is to become the ultimate Keeper of Cards!
It is called Cards Keeper and is live online for free on Vitalitygames.com. Play different types of heroes and write your own legend with different characters and unique skills. Use your skills and fights orcs, demons, wizards, beast and mystical bosses with different abilities. And drink healing potion, mana potion, take shields, armor, swords and diamonds, gold and many more cool stuff.
Find the rarest artifacts and complete quests to be able to provide income and use it to boost and enhance your equipment, power up abilities. So have fun with many levels and challenge yourself in this adventure card game and become the ultimate Keeper of Cards. Good luck with this epic strategy game and have a blast online.
Release Date
September, 2018

Web browser.
Cards Keeper was developed by Titan Games Studio.

  • Play with different types of Heroes, each with special skills and armor.
  • Beautiful line art with vibrant colors.
  • One epic card game with turn-based battle mechanisms.
  • Quests to complete, rewards to be earned.
  • Rare artifacts with powerful effects.
  • 3x3 and 4x4 dungeon options.
  • Boost and enhance your equipment, power up abilities to be able to win.
  • Collect gold, diamonds and crystals to have extra income for upgrades.
  • Easy and fun to play.

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