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Bullet Force Multiplayer

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Bullet Force is a great, and completely online shooter and multiplayer game. This game is like Counter-Strike. Judge for yourself, just click and play. Immediately afterward you will discover with three your buddies at a landscape fully occupied by enemy soldiers. They already waiting for you there.
Your goal is to go through the landscape and your mission ends until when all soldiers will die. Except your own, of course. Hit all of them will not easy, you will not fight only against pawns, but also against snipers. Some enemies are moreover cowardly and will hide before you. You will have to find these soldiers. Can you manage that? The game Bullet Force brings you great opportunity to fight in three various difficulty levels in five different environments including a winter camp. Whether you are an expert or a rookie, click the button and start play. Enjoy this fun 3D shooting game and have fun!
You can also play Wild West: Sheriff Rage or Zombie Siege Outbreak, similar games. Have fun!
Release Date
October, 2015
Bullet Force Multiplayer was developed by Pacogames
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