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Get ready for a new intense challenge online with a nice strategy TD game called Branch 3D unity games. Play for free Branch game on vitalitygames.com and see how good you are defending trees. Branch is a casual take on the hardcore genre of real-time strategy.You take the role as the defender of a great cosmic tree, the birth-giver of stars throughout the universe. The tree is being invaded by a mindless race of robots, bent on harnessing the energy of the tree by capturing each branch of pollen-generating stalks on the tree. You must use the power of the pollen to revitalize each invaded branch or the robots will consume everything and no more stars will be born. Without the tree, the universe will become a barren void the balance of existence is in your hands. So have fun and try other free online unity 3D D and strategy games all day here on vitalitygames. Have fun!

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  •  Control the camera using WASD and right click-dragging the mouse.

branch 3d unity branch td defense strategy

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