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Brainy Cars

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Do you like to play drawing games online? Are you also looking for car games to play? Why not combine the two? What such a game would look like? If you want to know you just have to click the play button. Brainy Cars is a fun arcade game that combines driving with drawing games. How does that work, you might ask yourself? The concept is simple, you draw the road on which your car will go on. Doesn't sound that hard, doesn't it? Even though it seems simple the game can become tricky very fast. You'll have to draw the road in such a way that you can collect as many coins as you can while also avoiding the obstacles that will come your way. Also, make sure you collect fuel tanks along your way otherwise your car will just stop. In case you made a mistake when drawing the road, you can erase all of it, but do so quickly and start drawing again or your car will hit an obstacle. Earn enough coins to unlock new cars and maps and even customize the cars you already have. The gameplay is challenging and fun, graphics look good, and overall this game is perfect to play in your spare time! Are you ready to see how far can you get?
  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Unlockable cars and maps
  • Customizable cars
Release Date
September, 2020
Brainy Cars was developed by Robert Alsin
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