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Bob The Robber 4: Season 3 Japan

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Play the latest adventure games with Bob the thief online on VitaliyGames.com. The seazon 2 is out now and Bob is moving or expanding his criminal empire in Asia. He has heard that japan is a rich country with a lot of gold and jewelry to steal..;))
He is searching for special relics that will be lot of money on the black market..! A special diamond caught his attention and he is interested in stealing it.. Help Bob with his mission and use additional stealth and secrecy to locate and steal the treasure! Move with Bob on each floor, and help him search and collect money, overcome locks, avoid guards, security cameras, and complete the assigned tasks. With the money collected you can purchase new gear to help your criminal activities..Enjoy being a thief and have fun online here on VitalityGames.com with the best action Bob games. If you enjoy this version why not try the other episodes like: Bob the Robber 4: Russia and Bob The Robber 4: Season1 - France
Release Date
February 2018
Bob The Robber 4: Season 3 Japan was developed by Funtomic.
  • New enemies models
  • Japan-themed buildings and characters
  • Cool new gadgets that can be bought with the money collected
  • Accessorized costumes

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